About Global Card Payment

Your Trusted Partner in High Risk Merchant Account Placement

Founded in Knoxville, TN USA in 1991 Global Card Payment and its affiliates have been servicing the domestic, off-shore, and High Risk merchant account industry for over 20 years!

100% of our focus is now on the High Risk Merchant category. Through our contacts and relationships in places like USA, India, Israel, France, and the UK we bring a global network of processors and banks to your doorstep.

Stop the endless cycle of being denied an account and call a true High Risk Specialist Today!

We Guarantee to place your account with a reputable precessor and bank at the most competitive rate found anywhere


Take Control and Partner with a True High Risk Merchant Account Specialist.


Recent Testimonials

“...After being robbed with high rates, denied and shut down for normal chargeback activity I was about to get out of the Adult Merchandise business for good. I had nowhere to turn! Then I found the Global Card Payment team and I have never looked back. Thank You!!!!...”
G. Walcott / Dreams N Things/ 5.18.11 

The best service, at the best rate, and the quickes start up and funding time I have ever had. I will never look elsewhere for my processing needs....”
M. Barritio / TLM Services Inc / 6.11.11